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Expanding Mechanism Lock Box

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Two way to One way Mechanism - 3D Printing Files

This mechanism converts two way rotation to only one direction! It's an easy 3D Print however due to the multiple moving parts a certain degree of accuracy is required. Full assembly instructions below. From this video -
YOU WILL NEED: - A 3D Printer - M6 tap and M6 screw, two very small screws (these are optional) - Small amount of sandpaper PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: 0.15mm layer heights in PLA recommended for most parts, however 0.2mm may work OK on high accuracy machines. All parts are orientated for 3D Printing without supports except the axle which requires support material. Print according to the multiple, eg 2X = print two. Clean up any rough edges with sandpaper so the mechanism can work correctly. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Fit the ratchet wheels to the axle ensuring they face the correct directions. Check the photos to ensure they're facing the correct way or the mechanism won't work. 2. Next, fit the bevel gears and ensure they can spin freely on the axle. 3. Fit at least one pawl per side into the bevel gear. This is delicate and they must be fully flush with the surface. Ensure the ratcheting mechanism operates correctly before moving on. 4. Fit the output gear to the base, ensuring it can spin freely and easily (use sandpaper to smooth the hole if it jams). For a more durable mechanism it is recommended to tap the output gear with an M6 tap. Alternatively you can print and use the press fit output gear pin. Ensure you fit the washer over the M6 screw or pin and secure in place. The output gear should be able to spin freely! 5. Place the axle supports on both sides onto the axle (take note of the correct orientation) and press carefully down onto the base. Depending on your 3D Printer this may be a press fit or loose. If too loose you can further secure the parts with two small screws from the underside of the base. 6. Press fit the crank and carefully test the mechanism. The pawls are delicate and can easily break if forced. 7. You're done! If everything is working correctly the crank should work in both directions with audible ratcheting sound and the output gear should only ever turn clockwise. Enjoy and thanks for supporting Maker's Muse!
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Whistling Spinning Top 3D Printing Model

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Easter Egg Puzzle

Sphericon 3D Printing Models

These objects look funky and actually roll with a really cool motion (most of them anyway)! Watch the video -
Files arranged, nested and ready to print. Use the following settings: - Support material OFF. - Layer Height 150um or finer (variable layer height recommended). - Depending on how close your first layer is to the build plate you may need to carefully trim or and the edge to ensure smooth transition between the two halves. Parts should snap together with the insert, however some small sanding or glue may be required depending on your machines achievable tolerance. Enjoy! LICENSE: Attribution non-commercial. Please let me know if you want to use these designs commercially and we can work something out.
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Synthwave Inspired Headphone Holder (wall mount)

Simple Rack Lock 3D Printing Files

Lock Box Test Pieces

Roller Clutch 3D Printable Model and Fusion 360 Source

3D Print a fully working One Way Bearing! This Roller Clutch 3D prints all in one go, and you can import the Fusion 360 Source File (.f3d) into Fusion to modify and use it in your own designs. Printing Instructions: Recommended layer height 0.15mm layers, with 4 Perimeters, 4 Top and 4 Bottom layers to ensure good strength. Requires an accurate 3D Printer capable of 0.2mm clearances. For non commercial use only.
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Magic Anti-gravity Sphere

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Expanding Lock Box Source Files

Headphone Holder Source Files (.f3d and .stp)

Interesting Rolling Objects for 3D Printing

Fun 3D Printable objects that roll in interesting and unexpected ways! Join me as we explore these curious geometries the Wobbler, Oloid and
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Easter Egg Torture Test

Happy Easter! This 3D Printed Egg is an extremely challenging 3D Print in disguise, and will only function properly if printed perfectly. While possible at the original scale, the print becomes easier if scaled up. I recommend printing at 0.15mm layer heights with 3 perimeters and supports disabled. Be sure to share your results with me on twitter @makersmuse! Watch the video -
This file was designed by Angus Deveson of Maker's Muse and is not for commercial use, or to be uploaded anywhere. You attempt this 3D Print at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damages!

Double Rack Lock 3D Printing Models and Source File

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Combat Fidget Spinner Maker Coin

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Clearance and Tolerance 3D Printer Gauge

This gauge tests your 3D Printers ability to resolve small clearances between parts. It is a valuable tool for determining what you need to use in your designs to create moving parts without them fusing together. It features gaps from 0.15mm to 0.5mm with a center spinner at 0.4mm clearance. Clearances are between surfaces - for example the 0.5mm will have 1mm of play (assuming perfect tolerance, of course!) Use a flat head screwdriver to release stuck parts, if they will release at all. How accurate is your 3D Printer? Share your results on twitter @makersmuse! Thank you for supporting independent 3D Printing education on YouTube. Happy Printing! Angus Deveson - Maker's Muse 3D Printing Recommendations (FDM): 0.15mm layer height recommended PLA with good cooling will resolve the highest detail NO support material NO brim Skirt recommended to prime the nozzle RAFT optional. If you are having trouble with elephant foot / welding on the first few layers and cannot fine tune your bed level and first layer height accurately a raft can help even out the surface before the print begins.
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Chamfer Fillet 3D Printing Test

Buckle and Zip Tie 3D Printing Files

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