Angus Deveson

Industrial Designer
​Technology Enthusiast
Backyard Tinkerer


Graduated Sydney's University of Technology (UTS) in 2013 
​Bachelor of Industrial Design
First class Honours

​Even from a young age I had always been interested in technology; from picking up the latest tech magazine from the local news agents to taking apart and tinkering with any electronic device I could get my hands on. 

As I grew, so did my fascination with manufacturing technologies and processes. I used my knowledge to get involved with various activities and gained many experiences - my favorite being my time building combat robots as part of Robowars Australia. 

​But it was late into my degree when I discovered 3D printing and it was from that point I started my journey to become the Maker's Muse. I started my YouTube channel in 2014 as a means of sharing my experience in 3D Printing, its applications and possibilities. Since then it has become part of a vibrant and wonderful community consisting of hobbyists and tinkers from all around the world. 

Nowadays, my hobbies have grown into a fully fledged passion project; where I hope to educate people from all walks of life as well as to inspire them to create and innovate with the aid of new and upcoming technologies.