Buckle and Zip Tie 3D Printing Files by Angus Deveson

Buckle and Zip Tie 3D Printing Files

Learn how to create snaps in your 3D Printed models with these buckle and zip tie designs!

Add snapping and locking devices to your 3D Printed designs with this buckle design! Includes variations for locking, self releasing and permanent connections between parts using carefully designed snaps. 

Use the fusion 360 source file to follow along with the tutorial video and learn how to make your own, or simply add it to your own 3D models!

BONUS: Also includes models for 3D Printing your own Zip Ties! 
NOTE - a semiflex filament is required for functionality of the 3D Printed Zip Tie.

What's included?

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Bag Buckle Inside Permanent.stl
22.5 KB
Buckle Design.f3d
383 KB
Zip Tie Mechanism.stl
70.5 KB
Flex Zip Tie.stl
48 KB
Zip Tie Rack.stl
12.4 KB
Bag Buckle Inside 20deg.stl
36.4 KB
Bag Buckle Inside 25deg.stl
36 KB
Bag Buckle Inside 30deg.stl
35.6 KB
Buckle Variations Grouped.stl
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Bag Buckle Inside Removeable.stl
61.4 KB
Bag Buckle Outside Permanent.stl
52 KB
Bag Buckle Outside Removeable.stl
71.6 KB
Bag Buckle Inside 45deg.stl
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