Clearance and Tolerance 3D Printer Gauge by Angus Deveson

Clearance and Tolerance 3D Printer Gauge

This gauge tests your 3D Printers ability to resolve small clearances between parts. It is a valuable tool for determining what you need to use in your designs to create moving parts without them fusing together. 

It features gaps from 0.15mm to 0.5mm with a center spinner at 0.4mm clearance. Clearances are between surfaces - for example the 0.5mm will have 1mm of play (assuming perfect tolerance, of course!) Use a flat head screwdriver to release stuck parts, if they will release at all. 

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Angus Deveson - Maker's Muse

3D Printing Recommendations (FDM):

0.15mm layer height recommended

PLA with good cooling will resolve the highest detail

NO support material

NO brim

Skirt recommended to prime the nozzle

RAFT optional. If you are having trouble with elephant foot / welding on the first few layers and cannot fine tune your bed level and first layer height accurately a raft can help even out the surface before the print begins.

What's included?

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Makers Muse Clearance and Tolerance Gauge.STL
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