Combat Fidget Spinner Maker Coin by Angus Deveson

Combat Fidget Spinner Maker Coin

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Combat Fidget Spinner

Fight back against the Fidget Spinner craze with this Battlebots inspired spinning toy! 

High performance, compact 3D Printable fidget spinner inspired by combat robot weapon disks. The perfect fidget spinner for destructive individuals.


1 x R1560ZZ 6x15x5mm bearing - found free in VCR tape drums or online.

3 x 8mm steel balls - bought mine off ebay

3D Printer

Printing Instructions:

Print spinner caps facing logo side down, raftless with support disabled.

Print spinner frame with supports enabled.

0.15mm layer heights recommended using a strength modified PLA such as Polymax. I used Polyalchemy Elixir and it stands up to the abuse nicely.

Assembly Instructions:

To assemble - place the spinner frame on a flat, hard surface and push in the center bearing carefully - take note one side of the spinner has a slight chamfer to make it easier to insert. You may need to use a hammer and rubber buffer to push it fully into the part. BE SURE TO CENTER IT WELL otherwise the caps will rub. Glue is not needed so long as your printer is within tolerance. 

Repeat with the 8mm balls, being careful not to split the PLA frame. They should be a snug fit not too tight.

Finally push the caps into place - if you find they are too loose you can use a single drop of superglue into the center of the bearing before pushing the caps into place. It is CRITICAL that they are perfectly parallel with the frame, and equally spaced on both sides.

Enjoy destroying everything on your desk with your new fidget spinner!