Easter Egg Puzzle by Angus Deveson

Easter Egg Puzzle

This Easter Egg puzzle is inspired by the classic 15 sliding puzzle. It's great fun to play with and easy to 3D Print.

3D Printing Instructions

In addition to the printed parts you will also need OD 6mm x 3mm deep magnets 8pcs. You can find suitable magnets here.


0.15mm Layer heights, 3 perimeters, support material off.


Bottom Cap, Top Cap: Consider aligning perimeter seams for a cleaner finish.

Top, Middle, Bottom and Logo Piece: Print 3 of each minus one for Middle Logo Tile.

Middle, Outer Rails: Enable "avoid crossing perimeters" or similar feature to minimize stringing and blobs on sliding surfaces.

Centre Rod: Easily knocked over. Recommend using a brim and slow print speed.

Assembly instructions in the video:


If you find parts are too tight / too loose from your 3D Printer and they cannot be improved through better settings, you can manipulate the .step models to adjust gaps. Learn how at the end of this video.

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What's included?

File Icon 21 files


3D Printing Files
Middle Logo Insert X1.stl
1.33 MB
Bottom Piece X3.stl
435 KB
Middle Piece X2.stl
428 KB
Bottom Cap X1.stl
841 KB
Outer Rail X2.stl
2.49 MB
Middle Rail X1.stl
2.57 MB
Center Rod X1.stl
370 KB
Top Cap X1.stl
2.08 MB
Top Piece X3.stl
398 KB
Egg Puzzle Instructions.pdf
48.6 KB
Egg Puzzle STL files.zip
4.24 MB
.STEP Models
Egg Puzzle Step Files.zip
492 KB
Bottom Cap.step
89.1 KB
Center Rod.step
40.7 KB
Bottom Piece.step
200 KB
Middle Piece.step
188 KB
Middle Logo Insert.step
433 KB
Middle Rail.step
605 KB
Outer Rail.step
477 KB
Top Cap.step
85.9 KB
Top Piece.step
187 KB