Q: Are you available for Business Enquiries (such as review requests and sponsored content)?

Reviews and sponsorships on Maker's Muse are a great way of gaining exposure to our 500,000+ subscriber base and are available on a strictly limited basis. We take pride in our channel and only work with companies that align with our brand. Please send business enquiries to sales(at)makersmuse(dot)com

Please note: We have not and will not accept paid reviews. Please watch this video outlining our review approach.

​Q: Where are you located? I'd love to meet up / visit!

We are located in sunny Australia, however our exact location is kept private and I can't do meet and greets sorry.

Q: Are you available for consulting / collaborating on our project.

Running Maker's Muse is my full time job and unfortunately I cannot commit time to other projects or consulting at this time.

Q: I'm having trouble with my 3D Printer! Can you help?

Unfortunately due to the scale of the channel we cannot assist directly with 3D Printing issues and will not respond to questions. I highly recommend joining the Facebook support group for your chosen 3D Printer and watching our 3D Printing 101 series.

Q: Where can I download your 3D Printing Files?

Our files are available for download here. Some files are paid, and early bird access is given to our generous supporters on Patreon.

Q: How did you first get into 3D Printing? What did you find interesting about this technology?

I first discovered 3D Printing towards the end of high school and used it heavily during my Industrial Design studies at the University of Technology, Sydney. I was fascinated in the ability to create a physical object directly from my 3D Designs and ideas - and once I purchased my first desktop 3D Printer (the UP Mini from Tiertime), I was hooked.

Q: Can you recommend a 3D Printer for me?

Due to our work load we are unable to assist for this question on an individual basis. A 3D Printer is a costly investment and the perfect machine for you depends heavily on many factors. It would be irresponsible for us to recommend a machine without knowing your exact situation and what you aim to accomplish. You can find our past reviews here.

If you are just getting started with your first 3D Printer check out our 50 3D Printing Tips and Tricks eBook.

Q: What advice can you give to someone who wants to get into 3D Printing?

Don't buy a 3D Printer straight away! Join your local makerspace, hackerspace or even library (many have 3D Printers now) and try 3D Printing for yourself. There are even many workshops aimed at beginners you can attend around the world. Once you're happy, do your research and find a machine that suits your budget but be aware, low cost kits are not for those wanting an easy and quick 3D Printing experience.