Interesting Rolling Objects for 3D Printing by Angus Deveson

Interesting Rolling Objects for 3D Printing

Fun 3D Printable objects that roll in interesting and unexpected ways! Join me as we explore these curious geometries the Wobbler, Oloid and Steinmetz Solid.
Includes .stl files to 3D Print the following objects:

NEW - Half Anti Oloid
- Wobbler
- Oloid
- Bicylinder Steinmetz Solid
- Tricylinder Steinmetz Solid

3D Printing Instructions:

0.15mm layer height, 4 top 4 bottom 4 perimeters, 20% infill recommended.

Most models print well without supports except for Steinmetz 3 Cylinder Plate which will benefit from the use of support material. The overhangs are quite sharp so good cooling and slow speed recommended for good fitment.

NOTE: The Half Anti Oloid requires full support material to 3D Print successfully.

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Happy Printing!


What's included?

File Icon 5 files


Steinmetz 3 Cylinder Plate.stl
199 KB
Steinmetz 2 Cylinder Plate.stl
229 KB
Oloid Nested.stl
493 KB
Wobbler Plate.stl
660 KB
Half Anti Oloid.stl
4.4 MB