Sphericon 3D Printing Models by Angus Deveson

Sphericon 3D Printing Models

These objects look funky and actually roll with a really cool motion (most of them anyway)!

Watch the video -

Files arranged, nested and ready to print. Use the following settings:

- Support material OFF.
- Layer Height 150um or finer (variable layer height recommended). 
- Depending on how close your first layer is to the build plate you may need to carefully trim or and the edge to ensure smooth transition between the two halves.

Parts should snap together with the insert, however some small sanding or glue may be required depending on your machines achievable tolerance. Enjoy!

LICENSE: Attribution non-commercial. Please let me know if you want to use these designs commercially and we can work something out.

What's included?

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Modified Sphericon Plate.stl
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Triangle Sphericon Plate.stl
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Sphericon Plate.stl
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Modified Hexasphericon Plate.stl
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