Whistling Spinning Top 3D Printing Model by Angus Deveson

Whistling Spinning Top 3D Printing Model

3D Print your very own whistling spinning top! This design is based off a Thai Bamboo Whistling Top and emits a very loud sound while spinning. Included are the files to 3D Print the top and launcher, as well as .step and fusion 360 models so you can create your own unique spinning top!

3D Printing Instructions:

Print all models as provided with no supports. The spinning top is recommended to print at 0.15mm layer heights and 6 perimeters. The launcher can be printed at 0.2mm layer heights and 3 perimeters. The V2 launcher has replaceable bushings which can be printed from a harder plastic such as ABS to be longer lasting.

Nylon string recommended for the puller - use a flame to melt the ends together and use wet fingers to squish into a point for easy threading into the spinning top.

What's included?

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Blank Spinning Top Template.step
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Blank Spinning Top Template.f3d
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Bushing for V2.stl
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Launcher V1.stl
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Launcher V2.stl
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Bamboo Whistle Top.stl
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